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Silent Worship and Meditation

"Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed." (Luke 5:16)
And at other times, people "gathered in such large numbers that there was no room left, not even outside the door, and he preached the word to them." (Mark 2:2)
With Jesus, there is always a place for you at the table and you are always welcome.

Devote Woman

With our busy lives and schedules, not everyone can attend in-person worship at a church.
We invite you to join us for Live Zoom Worship.
Come and hear the Word preached. 
Share in being part of a community who is seeking to know God 
through the words and teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, 
and let your heart be moved by the Spirit.

Online meeting


Our Sunday Evening Worship Service begins at 6:30 PM via Zoom Meeting Live.
It is a small group gathering where we share the gospel, words of inspiration, and hope.
It is a time of fellowship.
Jesus said "Come, follow me." (Mark 1:17)
We invite you to come follow our Lord and
let your hearts be touched by the movement of the Holy Spirit,
to receive God's grace and share in Christ's Love!

We invite you to join us for Live Worship via Zoom

on Sunday Evenings

followed by a time of on-line fellowship.

Image by iyus sugiharto

To sign up to receive the Live Zoom Worship Link,

please complete and submit the following request.

Please Write "Live Zoom Worship" Request

in the Enter Your Message Box

We hope that you will be able to join us!

Thanks for submitting!

Please Submit Request by Saturday Evening. Thank you.

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