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Greeting from Pastor Stacey Hartford - this a mediation I'd like to share.

Jeremiah chapter 17 verse 8. NIV. "They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”


 Let us pray: Faithful God we open our hearts at this time. May we feel the movement of the holy spirit in our mist. May we grow, strengthen, and produce fruit in our faith as your people. We look forward until the time we may see you face to face. We pray this in Jesus Holy name. Amen     


In the midst of our troubled world, you can be like a tree planted by the water!

The times we’re living in have affected almost everyone. These times have challenged how we think, changed how we act, and likely made many of us examine where we have our trust. People have watched their riches evaporate, their jobs disappear, and people in fear of how they will be-able to afford their basic needs.  Life’s “certainties” are no longer that, we are enduring changes at a rapid rate. How can we as church come together to help one another and the community we live in? I believe there is Hope!

     Picture your faith as an acorn and God as a lake of water. You plant your faith in the warm earth near the water. Once your acorn of faith is planted your roots must first grow downward through the dark soil. Next the roots will strengthen and a green shoot starts to emerge out of the ground towards the warm sunshine. As years go on your little acorn of faith has become a strong tree with large sprawling branches and an abundance of green leaves. Because your faith has been planted near the water no matter drought nor the harshness of the summer heat, you are thriving! You are continuously nourished by God goodness. Your faith has become, as big and strong as a large oak tree. You can be the shade welcoming all those who need relief from the hot summer sun. When someone is enduring turmoil in their lives the shade from your faith can give them the compassion they need.  You can then teach them how to plant their acorn of faith near the water so they too can grown in their faith with God. May they feel loved and cared for at all times not matter the weather or harshness the world.

This amazing church building and the wonderful people here both are proof of what spreading faith can do. 


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